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ToroTeaches is an experienced language educator whose curiosity for languages has been an ongoing fascination her whole life. She is certified in Spanish and English (TEFL/ESL) with a passion for teaching and helping students grow in their English and Spanish skills. She understands first hand that the ability to communicate in more than one language opens doors for social interactions, cultural growth, scholastic achievement, and employment opportunities. Using her years of experience as a language learner and educator, ToroTeaches loves guiding her students to achieve their personal language goals.

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Interactive Learning

ToroTeaches utilizes interactive teaching methods to make learning enjoyable and effective, including conversational practice, music, realia, current event topics, and games. Throughout your language sessions, ToroTeaches will have you engaged in practical and fun activities to support and nurture your language growth.

Language Education

ToroTeaches provides quality English and Spanish language education. Although she is fluent in English and Spanish, many of her students are speakers of other languages. If your first language is Russian, she can help you grow in Spanish. If your first language is Korean, she can guide you through your English language journey, too.

ToroTeaches develops customized language curriculum based on individual goals and abilities, ensuring maximum progress and success. Her students include learners between 18 months and 65 years old. Some prefer precise and detailed written grammar notes while others prefer interactive conversational experiences that highlight specific topics important to the student.

Customized Curriculum

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